10 Useful Skills You Can Barter in a Crisis

10 Useful Skills You Can Barter in a Crisis

        10 Useful Skills You Can Barter in a Crisis

When most people think about bartering, they think of trading something for another item, thinking about what goods they can give away or part with. But there is an inherent risk in bartering goods in a crisis situation. That is that others might get the idea that you have something they need and decide to try to steal it from you. Bartering goods may invite attack and cost you supplies in the long run but bartering your skills may make you valuable enough to the community that nobody would think of attacking you. This requires having skills that people will need during the crisis.

A wide range of skills, such as Starting a fire: which your neighbors might not know. Those skills will be valuable to them.

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Water Purification: Most people only know that boiling the water is the way for purification. Most people don’t know any other way. You could easily make a trade; they could bring water to you and you could purify it for the both of you. Get your  AquaStiq water filters, 27 % savings Plus Bonis!

Alternative cooking methods : There are many different ways for cooking your food. Some people in crisis may not even think about their barbecue grill for this! Take away electricity and most people don’t have much of an idea of how to cook. Other ways such as a reflective box, or solar oven might be ways not known to them as well. You can also check my post on other cooking methods here ?

First-Aid :Medical services are often overrun during a crisis.  If you are able to clean and bandage a wound, treat a fracture or minor illness, stop bleeding etc., this would be very useful.

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Midwifery: Babies come when they want to, even in crisis situations. Being able to help women give birth could be invaluable, especially if they can’t get to the hospital.

Home Repair : Many types of disasters cause damage to people’s homes. The ability to perform even temporary repairs could help keep them in their home when others don’t even have a roof over their heads.

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Mechanics : This provides you with a great opportunity if you have the tools and knowledge to perform repairs. Vehicle  breakdowns happen at the most inopportune times. Fewer and fewer people really understand how to repair their own vehicles anymore, depending upon mechanics to do it for them.

Small Engine Repair : During a crisis situation, people are more likely to be using them for generators and other equipment. This opens up the opportunity to be able to repair their non-working engines for them. Small engines are different enough from car engines that most mechanics don’t know how to repair them.

Gardening: If you are planning on growing a survival garden for you and your family, you can bet others will be wanting that too. Get them started on their own garden and maybe give or barter some seeds.

Grow different vegetables and produce to share or trade with.

Raising animals: In a way just like gardening, your ability to raise goats and chickens can be something valuable you can use to help your neighbors. Building a chicken coop or some other small structure would be very useful and come in handy.  

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Home Defense:  If things get bad, you might need to organize your neighborhood for mutual self-defense. Every neighborhood will need to organize in order to defend themselves from attack. There are probably many other survival skills you have, but they might be more specific to surviving in the wilderness, as to surviving in an urban situation.

If your skills require some sort of special materials or supplies, then it would be a good idea  to stock up on the supplies needed. This will provide you with the opportunity of putting your skills to work immediately, rather than having to wait until materials become available to you. Remember, any skill your family needs will be needed by others as well. Keep that in mind as you prepare yourself, and you will see opportunities to barter those skills. There are a whole host of other skills which could be bartered as well. Anything that is necessary for survival which people are accustomed to getting rather easily.

Be safe, take care. CJ.

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