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How to Store Food Long-Term without Spoilage:

How to Store Food Long-Term without Spoilage: Preppers need to repackage most foods that they buy. With proper storage, those foods will last much longer, as much as 20 years. That proper packaging will keep out oxygen and moisture,  insects, rodents, and microorganisms that will keep the food tasting fresh while retaining its nutritional value. […]

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Must-Haves for Your First-Aid Kit:

Must – Haves For Your First -Aid Kit:     Chances are you have a small first aid kit around somewhere. Perhaps you picked it up when you were in the pharmacy, thinking it would be handy to have around. If you looked inside, it really isn’t going to be much help for anything more serious […]

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Uses For Salt:

                                     Uses for salt: Did you know there are more than 14,000 uses for salt; Roman soldiers were actually PAID in Salt! It is abundant and it’s a cheap mineral makes it even better. In addition to tasting good, salt also acts as an antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent when used topically and can be used […]

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17 Items you need in your bug-out bag:

                                            Items You Need in Your Bug-Out Bag, Introduction:  Bug-out bags are the topic of a lot of conversations these days, even within the government. This increasing awareness is good because  your bug-out bag could save your life. With a bug-out bag at the ready, you can leave with a moment’s notice, […]

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