17 Items you need in your bug-out bag:

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17 Items you need in your bug-out bag:



                       Items You Need in Your Bug-Out Bag, Introduction:

 Bug-out bags are the topic of a lot of conversations these days, even within the government.

This increasing awareness is good because  your bug-out bag could save your life.

With a bug-out bag at the ready, you can leave with a moment’s notice, sure that you have everything you need to survive.

That doesn’t mean that a bug-out bag has everything in it that you might want in it.

Remember you’re not packing to go to Disneyland..

For a bug-out bag to be effective, it needs to be focused on survival, nothing else.

The biggest problem is fitting everything into your bag.

If you simply start listing all the items you might want to take in the case of an emergency, you’ll end up with a huge load. You’ve got to make sure that you have the most important things.

A bug-out bag is supposed to have everything you need to survive for at least three days; so it needs at least 72 hours’ worth of food in it.

Avoid cans, focusing instead on dried foods, which are lighter and easier to carry.

You’ll want some water in your bug-out bag, but there’s really no way that you can carry enough.

Since carrying fresh water is burdensome, make sure that you have some means of water purification with you.

If any of the food you are taking with you needs to be cooked / hot water added, you’ll want to have something to prepare it in.

When you need temporary shelter as you are getting away, a lightweight tent made for backpacking is ideal.

Rope is one of those universal survival items; there’s so much you can do with


Since a bug-out bag is supposed to be for any emergency, make sure it contains copies of important documents.

 A rain poncho can also double as a ground sheet when you are sleeping.

While you won’t have the room to take a bunch of clothes with you, you should have at least one change of rugged clothes in your bug-out bag.

Make yourself a little kit with soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush and other items in it to help you keep clean.

An emergency fishing kit doesn’t need to take up much room or add much weight, but with it, you can feed yourself indefinitely.

The Bottom Line: Your bug-out bag should be prepared based upon your personal circumstances.

It has to meet your needs, not fit someone else’s idea of a best-case scenario.

It’s also important to know how to use everything in your bug-out bag.

Don’t bother carrying along a fancy piece of survival equipment just because someone recommended it.

If you try to carry everything that survivalists recommend, you’re going to have a very heavy pack.

 Remember before you bother bringing any item along, make sure you know how to use it and will use it!

 Food, water, water purification, backpacking cookware, fire starter, tent or tarp, knife, hammer/hatchet, fishing gear, parachute cord – rope, first aid kit, soap, weapon.

These are just some of necessary items that you will want to have. 

Your bug-out bag should be prepared based upon your personal circumstances. Keep in mind what the weather’s like where you are. If it is cold, add warm clothes. If it is arid, you’ll want more water. It has to meet your needs.           

  1. Canteen/Water bottle, Water Purification – 
  2. Food/dried 
  3. Tent/tarp
  4. Rain poncho
  5. Flashlight           
  6. Fire starter  Check this out.         
  7. Backpack cookware
  8. First aid, soap, toothbrush- paste    
  9. Change of rugged clothes- shoes
  10. Duct tape
  11. Multi tool 20 in 1  This is an awesome tool!    
  12. Documents
  13. Compass/maps
  14. Knife
  15. Hatchet/hammer
  16. Wire saw
  17. Camp shovel 

Be safe, take care. CJ.