Salt and it’s uses

Salt and it’s uses

                                    Salt and it’s uses:

Did you know there are more than 14,000 uses for salt; Roman soldiers were actually PAID in Salt! It is abundant and it’s a cheap mineral makes it even better.

In addition to tasting good, salt also acts as an antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent when used topically and can be used for a number of household cleaning and disinfecting purposes.

                           Here are just a few of the uses:

  • Salt melts ice

  • Use it to preserve foods, especially meats

  • Tenderize tough cuts of meat

  • If you forage for nuts, soaking them in a saltwater solution for several hours will make them easier to open

  • A pinch of salt in coffee reduces bitterness

  • A pinch of salt will keep milk fresh longer

  • Gargle or rinse with salt to help a sore throat, canker sore or toothache

  • Salt makes water boil at a higher temperature, reducing cooking time and saving fuel

  • Puts out grease fires

  • Combine with baking soda to make toothpaste

  • Use with some honey or water to exfoliate

  • Combine with baking soda to make an abrasive, stain-removing cleanser

  • Wash your hands with it to get rid of onion and garlic smells

  • Use a salt bath to draw infection or swelling out of minor wounds or aching muscles

  • Relieve the itch or pain from bug bites and stings

  • Soak candles in a salt solution for a few hours and they won’t drip when burned

  • Line doorways, windowsills and shelves with salt to keep ants away

  • Salt water kills weeds, including poison ivy

  • Toss a tablespoon or so into wet shoes to help dry them faster and deodorize them

  • A sprinkle of salt helps soak up grease and scrub off particles when cleaning your iron skillet

  • If you’re air-drying your clothes in the winter, add a handful of salt to your final rinse to keep them from freezing on the line.

  • Add a pinch to your jams and jellies. It helps the gelatin set quicker

  • Salt mixed with alcohol (1:4) is great to remove grease stains from clothes.

                      So keep Salt with your survival goods, it could come in handy.


                                   Be safe, take care.  CJ.

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